What I love about my job is that I can work on many different projects and yet achieving the same objective ———- >Educating others, helping people build their confidence and reach their dreams.

My current projects:

  • Editing and paginating a cookbook for a publisher
  • Editing and paginating a poetry book for a publisher
  • Interviews for The Wandering Pen Podcast – (this involves editing audio and transcribing the interviews)
  • Editing when necessary and posting photos to The Wandering Fotographer
  • Writing website content for various websites
  • Substitute teaching for grades 7th through 12th grade – English and History (due to substitute shortage –  will fill in for lower grades and other subjects)
  • Tutor students from elementary age to college level
  • Teamwork with Township’s Conservation & Preservation Committee in preparing MS4 education, grant applications, research, etc.

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